Reading Numbers



Little monkey apps reading numbers has been designed for young learners beginning to recognise name and order numbers to 20. These are separate yet linked skills that need to be mastered after rote counting. Children often misname two digit numbers such as 14 as 'one four', not understanding number names change. Teen numbers are the most difficult to master as they do not follow the pattern of left to right number naming such as 45, 32, 189.

The app provides a number of modules which focus on a particular skill. Please remember that our apps are designed to be used with an educator, parent or partners to heighten the conversation and understanding of the skill, rather than a game situation or solitary do and learn. Don't forget to complete some of these activities off the iPad, see the blog or website for further ideas.


  • Magnetic numbers

    Students place the jumbled up numbers back into their correct position on the number board. Shake the iPad to reset the numbers.

  • Number Puzzle

    Number puzzle

    Put the number and picture tiles on to match the word.

  • Word Puzzle

    Word puzzle

    Put the letters back in the correct place to spell the number.

  • Object match

    Object match

    Match the number to the picture.

  • Object Match II

    Object match II

    Match multiple numbers to the pictures shown.

  • Ordering


    Order the written word from smallest to highest on the ladder.

  • Line match

    Line match

    Match the number to the written word with a line.

Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
9.5 MB